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Amgain is a high-tech company that has always valued innovation and the market. Its goal is to establish a worldwide market for advanced science and technology related to magnesium alloys.

Amgain has amassed over eighty patents.The Magnesium alloy wide -squeezing device and production processis is an innovative project supported by the country.These are critical to boosting the nation's degree of scientific and technological improvement in the field of structural material preparation, as well as to the expansion of the magnesium industry in China and the local economy.

Amgain regularly modifies the business's development plan to accommodate its needs for both commercial development and market orientation. We company maintains strong working relationships with  the China Commercial Aircraft Group, CRRC, Geely, BYD, ZTE, and various military companies involved in missile and aircraft research and manufacturing. Additionally, Amgain also established long-term partnerships with other scientific research institutions, including the National Magnesium Alloy Engineering Center, and etc.

With a strong sense of ambition, bold vision, and benevolence, Amgain has consistently endeavored to create a worldwide industry order for magnesium alloy technology. We also hope for a better, more successful future for Amgain Gruop!


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